We are pleased to offer you an excellent selection of the world’s very best quality loose leaf teas.

We buy and blend in small regular batches to ensure your tea reaches you in prime, fresh condition.

All of the following are grown and produced under Ethical Tea Partnership conditions and are Fairly Traded.

Our wonderful exclusive Faery Tea range is available from £12.00.


Grasmere Tea

A tasty melange of Nilgiri, Yunnan, Assam and ‘east of rift’ Kenya Kiambu estate black teas.Few teas have such rich fullness and flavour. Golden bright with milk, this is our ‘standard’ tea here at Faeryland and a firm favourite with our regulars. In a nutshell, the best cup of tea you’ll have all week!


Romany Tea

An enticing blend of premium Rooibos from Cedarburg, South Africa and hedgerow highlights. Floral and fruity, full of goodness, this blend was known as ‘’kair misto’ or ‘the making better tea’ by the Romany people. It also makes a wicked iced tea for sunny summer afternoons!


Faeryland Tea

A naturally flavoured Sri Lanka estate black tea subtly blended with camomile, calendula, and sunflower petals for a satisfying taste of toast and honey. Unique!


Organic Gypsy Rose

Fresh and smooth with excellent depth and body using a top grade Japanese Sencha green leaf. Subtle cherry and rose hints give this tea a wild, exotic character.


Faery Grey

A magical melange of premium Earl Grey softened with organic wild lavender flowers from the Tibetan plateau. A well balanced, delicious tea!


Faery White

A luxury grade ‘narcissus’ white peony leaf tea giving excellent body and taste for a ‘white’ tea. Very high in anti-oxidants.


Faery Rose

A top grade ‘orange pekoe’ black leaf tea enhanced with aromatic rose petals. Simply wonderful!


Faery Green

A sensual blend of luxury organic Japanese Sencha green tea with organic wild lavender flowers from the Tibetan plateau. Delicate and delicious, fragrant and very special.


Faery Cream

A luxury ‘orange pekoe’ leaf grade Earl Grey mellowed with a delicious creamy aspect. Once tasted, this tea can be highly addictive!


Organic Faery Mint


Mentha Piperita

An amazingly pungent, cool and fresh 2nd cut (the best cut) pure peppermint leaf from Washington State. Simply the best peppermint tea…


Faery Fruits

A magical infusion of apple, sweet orange, papaya, pineapple, rose hip and hibiscus petals. Healthy, refreshing, versatile and caffeine free. Pure fruit pieces, contains no tea!


Faery Christmas Blend

A high grown, luxury Sri Lanka black leaf tea cunningly combined with cinnamon, cloves, jasmine and jolly Christmas candy confetti – now you can have Christmas Day every day!


“Seasonal Specials”

If we have the time and the growing conditions are right we forage for nettles and applemint in the Romany Wood. We dry the leaves either in the open air or on our wood burning stove and create some lovely, totally natural teas for you to enjoy.


Our Wonderful Exclusive Faery Tea Range are all available to purchase in our lovely colourful caddies and refill packs – Our caddies retail for £12.00 each or three for £30.00 Refill packs also available at £10.95 each

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