“Why Faeryland?”

“And why is it spelt like that?”

Well, Faeryland is thus spelt to accentuate the natural magic of this wonderful place.

In these ever busy days of modern life, the world of Faery – a realm of relaxation, reflection and enchantment inhabited by nature spirits – can often seem like a childlike dream, an impractical delusion, an imaginary place.

Yet such a place exists, here on the shores of gentle Grasmere – a little tea garden full of natural magic set by a mere adorned by mirror like reflections – a place of both inspiration and relaxation surrounded by nature.

As the wheel of the year turns slowly from season to season, you may relax here and let your mind drift, clear of everyday thoughts and concerns… Only in that present moment can you begin to access the magic of the Faery Realm.

For thousands of years, humans have believed in nature spirits – Faery folk, the little people, the Sidhe, the hidden folk, elves, brownies, the good neighbours, tylwyth teg, piskies, the people of the hollow hills, the fair folk, elementals – call them what you will…

They are said to thrive wherever there is beauty and tranquility. Perhaps amid the leaves and flowers of an ancient hedgerow, on the gently lapping waters of a mere shore, or within the shadows of a sun dappled woodland glade.



They can be great or small, mischievous or kindly, but they are ever curious and not ungrateful for human interaction.

They may take the form of a robin or a dragonfly, an otter or a deer. Or perhaps you may just sense something, a feeling, a fleeting glimpse from the corner of your eye. But don’t expect to see them undisguised, for that treasure is reserved only for those who truly believe…

At this stage, the more practical minded amongst you may say “what rubbish”.

Are there Faeries at the bottom of our garden? Come find out for yourself!